INTI restaurant is Dubai’s newest rooftop- restaurant- lounge. And it sure is intending to stick around! Here’s why!

INTI is located on the 23rd floor at the brand new Edition hotel in Downtown Dubai. It has a luxurious- warm, trendy yet homey feeling and the ambiance is just perfect! You could stay there all night! Not only that but it’s perfect for any situation you have. Werther it’s family who is visiting and you wanna take them somewhere new for dinner with amazing views of the Burj Khalifa and stunning Dubai skylines, or if you got a hot date, the dinner settings is just perfect and the staff always keeps your glasses topped up and food on the table!

The stunning centerpiece of INTI is the bar!

I would even stretch it as far as saying you could even go there for business dinners that needs celebrations after all the serious talk is done! It’s the perfect spot and I really think this will be the newest hottest place in town.

The restaurant view from the bar

The cuisine is Peruvian-Nikkei fusion, I’ve tried some of the dishes and they were amazing! The sharing concept keeps growing and keeps uniting people over dinner forever! I love this concept and it will always and forever be my go-to thing when it comes to late night dinners with the right people around me. Sharing is caring! Right!

The best part is that they have a private lounge area with a private bar and a DJ!

You have to see it with your own eyes because these pics doesn’t justify how beautiful this place is. INTI is open and ready to give you the memories you won’t forget! And I can’t wait for the season to properly kick off so we can all go out and be fabulous really soon ❤️

The Private lounge

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