Should we POD it?!

Its a matter of yea or no question? Podcast! What are the pros and cons there? Would you listen? What should we discuss? Should I just ramble on about my day and things I come across or would it be more suitable with a themed podcast and only stick within the subject for all episodes? If yes, what should it be? What would you like to know more about? Or is it just gonna be another pod in the ocean of all pods?

To be honest I’ve been asked to start a podcast so many times, when the pods were brand new I felt a bit awkward and I didn’t fully understand the whole line of production and publishing, but that was a long time ago and times changed and now there are so many tools and plug-ins you can use! So creating a pod wouldn’t be that complicated.

Actually I think I could enjoy it. And I’ll get a little closer to you guys, Plus I listen to so many pods myself and I find them inspirational to say the least!

So I’m thinking about it! Leave your thoughts in the comments section so I can see your thoughts around this, it would be interesting to se what you guys think also and to hear what you feel my NICHE is. 😍 a niche could for example be one subject like “aesthetics” or maybe even “dating in the big city” or something more personal that covers things in the daily life, some sort of what I already do in the blog but it covers everything, ups and downs and everything there is something on my mind. So let me know 🥳

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