Happy valentine’s day

I hope you all are doing something cute and special today. Werther it’s going out with your special someone or staying in, I hope that you can nurture each other and give some extra care and attention on this day to honor Cupid and the thing in life we all need and deserve! LOVE!!! Even if it’s one flower or a thousand flowers, presents or a home cooked meal, a hot bath with rose pedals or a massage, maybe a day trip or get away to your favorite place or laying in bed all day with your special someone, I hope this day is special and gives you bliss and a sense of calm and feeling safe and secure where you are.

And if you’re single! It’s just another reason to celebrate! get your girlfriends (or homies) and have a super day today! Valentines is a celebration of love and relations. It doesn’t have to be Romantic if you don’t want it to be! Remember the “norm” is just what the mainstream set the standards to be. Doesn’t mean that it’s how it’s supposed to be!

Personally I love flowers on Valentine’s Day! I don’t need the full package of going out and celebrating over dinner just because it’s Valentine’s Day, I just wanna be appreciated a little extra on this day.

I saw an advertisement the other day, Some restaurants are really going all in for the valentines day packages and it’s ridiculous, the offer I saw was 4000 AED for dinner for 2 !! I swear the hysteric fuzz about valentines day is getting out of hand. What normal people can just blow 4k (dhs on valentines day just because … it’s like throwing money out the window if you ask me!) it’s literally 1000 US dollars for a dinner you probably won’t even like and watered out drinks. The tickets for New Year’s Eve were cheaper than that. And this is Dubai!! They monetize on everything when they can. For real… it’s really getting silly. You don’t need to spend 4000 AED on a dinner for 2. On Valentine’s Day.. come on!!

Big hugs!

This was just an example of many that I saw, I’m sure there are other options as well. I just needed to vent. How ever! Whatever you’re doing today! I hope you are happy and with someone you love! Wether it’s a friend, husband, wife, GF, BF, or someone other special in your life. ❤️

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