Sushi Samba- Dubai

Had the absolute pleasure of visiting St. Regis hotel on the palm this weekend and after a quick stop at the lobby floor we ended up heading to the infamous Sushi Samba (yes the same sushi samba from London) and just WOW what a magical venue and the views!!

Sushi samba is located on the 51st floor and is one of the restaurants in Dubai with the best views of the marina skyline! And it’s brand new! Rumor has it that the crown prince and entourage lunches there at some weekdays between 12 and 3pm so if your lucky you might even get a glimpse of the royalties of UAE as well. But not only that. This place is stunning and perfect for a romantic date or drinks at night with friends.

They close at 2am and the music is very “Tulum” inspired. The food is good too and worth evey single penny spent.. (of the food we tried at least!)

This is of course also the place you bring your family and friends to when they come to visit dubai! It’s by far a must see and I think it’s gonna be here to stay and i can’t wait to go back for more!

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