Dubai pet festival

Ya heard?! It warms my soul that this happened! It was only about 10 years ago when dogs were considered bad and not allowed anywhere here. It was maybe just a few spots where you could keep your pets and it was a bit tabu. But now!! Wow!

Things are certainly changing for the better! More and more buildings are now becoming pet friendly, I see more and more local – Arabic families with their kids and their dogs! Yes dogs!!! And it makes me so incredible happy. I know it’s not the culture here but I get so warm and fuzzy when I see that it’s becoming more open, accepted and more and more people keep dogs as their pets.

Even local people from here have kennels and they specialize and dog breeding and pet rescue , and they have a whole entire festival dedicated to a full day where pet owners could come participate and see all sorts of dogs! You could even bring your own dog to the market and it was full of families and kids with their dogs, the whole community got together and it was just so good to be where everyone just loves dogs and you can pet any dog and no parents screaming at their kids to not touch the dogs and that dogs are bad and stay away and all of that. It was pretty much straight up forward and everyone was showing off their dogs.

Shame that this festival was only for one day! We need to bring it back over a full weekend! But I salute them, and I am excited that the UAE is becoming more pet friendly and it really makes me so happy ❤️ it’s a start.

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