Shitwater- if there is such a thing

Had a “minor” complaint yesterday to my building maintenance, it’s been one month since I moved in, and for 3 week the AC has t been working (all tho I’ve called and registered the complaint electronically in their so called “smart system” as well.

But behold!! Because yesterday they came to fix it.. little did I know that the problem was that the AC had a lot of water somehow that was stuck and they needed to suck it out… and that water was shit- muddy Brown… and of course it leaked all over my bathroom and my shower…. The maintenance guy who came to fix it didn’t even wanna fix it to start with, he told me to get curtains in the living room , that way I don’t need the AC and it won’t be so hot because the curtains will block out the sun.. if I wanted to live in an apartment where I had to put up curtains I would not have gone for the view. Omg . I wanted to punch myself in the face because I could not believe he just said that. Like, just fix the ax because it’s not working and it’s not my responsibility. Fuck.

That was not the problem tho, you know, things like this needs fixing and it’s definitely not the poor maintenance guys fault so I had nobody I could really be angry with… other than the management of the building right?! But they are completely imbecile and to be honest I don’t even know what they are doing over there because this company who manages this building , built the building and the whole “everything about the building” are showing me every day the incompetence of everything here.

They literally took the level of no common sense to a whole other level.

There are so many things that doesn’t make any sense. Everything from where the power switches are placed to the “how we do things here” and even the logistic placements of the shower and toilets… even to the material used on the walls… even on how the AC is set🙈

I bet you that a five year old from Norway could build a house out of Lego’s and make smarter placements of things and utilities than this piece of S*** building I live in. Not gonna name drop it here because that could get me in trouble.. obviously here we are free to speak up every time something is good and of course we can name drop as much as we want but any time there is something catastrophic and bad they don’t wanna hear it.

and since I’m already ranting, let me tell you another thing, small thing, not even a problem, but I was one of the first ones to move here, they put my parking space on the 8th floor and I requested to move my parking spot a bit further down, they denied that and said that it interfered with the structure of the parking building… dude I’m asking to swap parking with another apartment further down and I think I am in the right to ask that cus if you moved in here late then you get last picks on the parking. But no… small bullshit task like that was impossible. (Why even say that you can request change if all the requests we make are gonna be turned down anyway?)

They also refused to get back to me regarding my pet. I emailed them numerous times and I only got automated replies turning me down and not even one person to call me to clarify even after I specified in other emails that I need to talk to a real person. So I said screw it!! I see other people having their dogs here and nobody gives a fuck.. i wanted to do it the respectful way and do it the right way to get my written approval first, cus that’s what it says in my lease. But screw it. (I have shared custody of the dog with my ex so he isn’t with me 100% of the time ) Anyhow nobody said anything and the people here loves the dog and even the staff that works around the building too.

When I moved in here, or actually before they requested that I pay a commission… and I’m mind fucking blown to why do I need to pay a commission when you didn’t assist me in finding my apartment. I had zero help, no agent to show me units, nobody to give me the keys, nobody to bring contracts or advice me on this or that, nothing. I did everything myself, so why the hell am I paying commission to the company for what?! It’s ridiculous! But yet I had to pay a ridiculous commission anyways if I wanted the apartment and already then I was fed up looking at apartments and I just wanted to get it over with. So I paid.

Then another hidden fee came to me 2 weeks after.. I only realized two weeks after because the first week I was busy unpacking and organizing and I didn’t have the time or energy to cook. But then.. obviously the gas was not connected.. and nobody informed me of this in advance so I had to call them to make a complaint (again 😂) that the gas wasn’t working only to hear from them that I’m at fault because I haven’t connected the gas with the gas company. And for that is also a hidden fee of a deposit for the start of the gas (of course cus all they do in this place is to suck you dry!!) and then it will be monthly billing on that. I mean. Ok. If some person would have informed me of this in advance I wouldn’t have had to have this surprise as well on top of everything else. Right?!

And it’s gas … we live in 2022 and they cook with gas. You would think they would have learned by now. It’s so many people lacking common sense in this place and they wanna give people gas for cooking. Lord have mercy. So many towers burned already and they still wanna give people gas , not only that but I know other buildings where the actual gas plates it self is leaking, you think it’s on 0 but it’s not.. little gas was leaking all the time.. true story, happened to a friend of mine and she nearly blew her head off one day when she came home and wanted to cook some food. (Not her fault!!) It’s fucking scary!!! So yeah… well done.

And since I’m still ranting I’m gonna tell you, the logistic placing .. let’s take the bathroom,because my bathroom was flooded yesterday , and how can I clean this.. the water that came down from the ceiling was fat – sandy- brown- muddy and it stained all the tiles .. now.. if the people who designed the function of the bathroom used their brains a l it the and thought about practical use instead of cheap “looking good” use.. this issue could have been fixed in a heartbeat but you think they did ? Let me tell you.. there is no possibility to what so ever use the shower to flush the walls from the dirty mud that came down.. and the only drain that is in the floor is in the corner of the shower .. so .. I could forget about doing it the easy way. I had tk wipe it off with towels and towels and then scrub the place with bleach and bathroom cleaner and then scrub it again with water to get everything off and that ended with 2 full washing machines of just dirty towels I’ve used to clean this mess 😂 just saying… if they installed shower heads you could actually pick up and hold in your hand it’s would have been so much easier… if you have a pet for example and you wanna gov your pet a shower you can’t do that either… just saying.

And I know I’m acting like a spoiled little brat right now because honestly I live in a beautiful place and I was able to move here and be independent but I can’t stand that things are not done right from the start and I can’t stand stupidity at it’s finest. Im not saying I’m the smartest there is either and I don’t know how to build and construct buildings but I do know how to think logically and I’m telling you that absolutely everything about this building is backwards.

Also I’m gonna put a little disclaimer here just to be on the safe side cus you never know if someone with big man syndrome feels insulted by my posts nowadays .

Disclaimer: this blog post is about my personal experience and I am only sharing my own thoughts and my journey here this far. It’s not meant as a personal attack on anything or anyone related to this project and therefore am I not naming which building and which property management this is related to.

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