Dubai World Cup is coming up!

The past few years it’s been so blurry in its own way, with everything in the event world!The first year of Covid, the Dubai World Cup was of course cancelled, the second year it was back (with restrictions and it was not as lively as we’re used to) and of course now it’s the third year and it’s back in full motion! And I can’t wait!

26th of march! This is the worlds biggest event! Also The worlds most expensive event ever held. And it’s super extravagant and I love this particular event because you dress up all day and you go out and mingle in the crowd for hours and it’s always something happening at every corner.

It’s the perfect event to mingle around, promote your business and also meet new connections from all over the world, you can enter competitions and you can bet on your favorite horse (abroad of course cus they don’t allow betting here… I think)

Besides, Every year Jaguar gives out a price of one year lease of their newest car, (amongst other things) and you can win it as a single woman, single man, and as one couple. All you need to do is to enter the “best dressed competition” – in any category, and win it! The stakes are high!

This was me at the races a few years back competing for best dressed woman. 😁

At this event you will see all sorts of creations from fancy hats to insane hair styles. People come from all over the world to see and be seen. It’s a live runway all day long and it’s all about making some noise! (Literally .. in style with your outfit and charm!)

This was my second Dubai World Cup and I was working for fashion TV Arabia . The year was 2011😁 and i was Wearing Alexander McQueen

I haven’t been to the World Cup since 2019 (or 2018?! Unsure!!) and I am ready to roll for this years event! I am super excited!

The year was 2016 and it was by far one of the best race days I’ve ever had!

I haven’t gotten the sniff about who’s the artist performing this year but it will come soon enough! wiiie!!

It’s time to pick out another flowy outfit and put the hat on! I will see you guys there😍

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