Arab fashion week

Last week we finished off Arab Fashion Week with the astonishing Amato fashion show! It was the highlight of the entire fashion week!

Usually I always dress up in something crazy for fashion week but this day I had a full on schedule and before I knew it I had 30 minutes to get to the show and I frankly didn’t have the time! But even with a nice outfit or not, the show was magical!

It was not the best of Amato I’ve ever seen (still very good tho) this year there were also a lot of focus on the menswear and as well a few extreme pieces for women! Which I love! I love the ability to express yourself through clothing and statement wear! I always say “if the shoe fits.. then you shall wear it” !

I love people watching too! Always at fashion shows you see the most creative and entertaining people there is in the business and I just love everything about it!

And if you head about Middle East fashion week and Arab fashion week at the same time you’re not mistaken. They were actually one event combined before. Then long story short- something happened along the way and they split. So now we have two fashion weeks within the same week. And it’s just to pick and choose where you wanna be at. The only downside is that they are throughly far away from each other. Arab fashion week is li acted in the creative D3 district and Middle East fashion week is located in media city. So. For next year if you missed it this year you can pre- register for all the shows you can’t miss and divide up the days! Make it an eventful week and just go out and enjoy! You can’t miss it!

Also me in my natural habitat – doing things that makes me happy. TV- attention- fashion – events – and likeminded people ❤️

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