I made the switch

Been living the sweet life here for over a decade and finally I made the switch to a local UAE driving license!

Only took me forever because things have been a little “complicated” in the past!

First of all, if you’re setting up a company here and if it’s in another state… other than Dubai .. NOTE!!! That you need to be prepared that if you’re gonna change your driving license to a local license, it has to be done in the same state where you have your residency…

so I’m just gonna leave that there.., because that was my case and my previous residency of the last 6 years was in another state like 2 h drive away… (one way) and you need like a million documents and NOC letters from yourself if it’s your own company 🙈 and to have your old license notarized and translated amongst other things too … and it’s not “just to go there” easy please and do it back and forth … so just gonna leave it there and celebrate another “unnecessary” $$$ leaving my pocket 😂 to be valid for 2 years and I’ll have do do it all over again .

So cheers to that and hurray for me!

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