The fine fuzz about Basko

Finally!! I got a chance to see what all the fuzz was about! Basko is the newest place at M.E hotel in Business bay and it’s a swanky cool venue that features indoors and outdoor dining with a beautiful bar in both areas, it also has a second floor that needs to be explored!

The food was great! I mean! Literally!! I’ve never eaten grilled calamari (because I have a hard time getting around on the idea that I am basically eating squid straight from the barbecue ) but this was actually my first time having that type of calamari and I have to say that it was really good! (have to give thanx to my friend Kaveh for taking me there and showing me this cool place and introducing all these new dishes)

We also got a few samplers of the ceviche and the tuna on crispy rice! It was so good and took me back to the memories from the Okku days at the H hotel. It used to be the place to go to for Asian food back then and I haven’t tried the whole menu at Basko yet but the food looks like it has really good potential to become the new go-to place for these amazing dishes and great cocktails!

The Mai Thai- a must try!!

Don’t miss it and try to catch the outdoor dining before the weather what too hot. You won’t regret it❤️ Ciao !

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