Millia London

How incredibly lucky was I that I got to lend 3 dresses from the runway collection from the Middle East fashion week!

I Shot my shot and reached out to them thinking that they probably wouldn’t even acknowledge me but they got back to me immediately and now I have my new shots for anything PR and an interview I did for another magazine.

It was beyond my dreams! And the only lesson I am taking from this is that if you don’t try you will never know! I rather ask one too many times and aim high than never even bothering trying!

So not only did I have amazing dresses for this shoot but I had the Millia London dresses which is kind of a big deal!

So just bare with me as I shove these pics in here as not only am I super exited about this but I also need to allow myself to show off a little!

Cus come on!! It’s not everyday you get to dress up like this and make this kind of magic happen! 😍

If it was up to me I’d dress this way every day! 😍

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