One fun night at Tabu

Now this was a game changer! I was asked on this night “Camilla when was the last time you tasted food like this?” And I had to really think about it..

We live in Dubai so the food game here is top notch most places you go. The service in most places is also impeccable.. So when standards are high all the time it’s gonna take a lot to stand out from that and set it’s mark!

But I am definitely mind blown about everything I tasted this night at Tabu and it was the finest quality and so well presented.

And I mean Everything, every minute of the night we were so well taken care of, we had the full attention of the lovely waiters, the lovely sommelier, the hostesses, the best food recommendation and even new dishes to try. And there was nothing that I didn’t like or didn’t try.

Tabu is located at the St.Regis hotel in Business Bay, and you won’t have a single bored second during your visit there!

There is always something happening. The ambiance and the vibe is deep, mysterious and exciting. You really never know what’s (or who) is gonna show up in there!

Make sure you have batteries in your phone because you are gonna want to take loads of photos and videos from your evening there! They have really put a lot of effort in to making this venue the ultimate experience for people like me and you and even all these words doesn’t even justify close to the real experience.

You have to go there and see for yourself 😍

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