My Modern Family

I understand that many people don’t have that close bond with their parents, either it’s due to childhood trauma and neglect or other toxic factors that were unfortunate and that is such a shame that not everyone has this special bond with their parents and I am very lucky to have a special bond with my parents. (And my chosen Family who are a few of my friends and I am so forever grateful for them as well!)

Ready for dinner at Meat.Co

They always made me feel safe, secure and that I could tell them anything. (All tho I didn’t always tell them everything 😂) but we grew to have a even stronger and greater bond over time as I grew up and became an adult. We talk, argue, love and dance, drink and party together and I wouldn’t have had it any other way!

My parents arrived in Dubai a few weeks ago and we have just been enjoying every moment and soaking up the sun and all the goods this holiday has to offer them. Spending time with them is priceless!

Them ❤️

We have been checking out new and old restaurants and doing new and old touristy things. The Love boats in the marina is the newest sightseeing by water and their tour is called adrenaline rush! It was so much fun! All tho very hot that day!

Welcoming the sunset with a dance with dad

I’ve introduced them to new people and new places and it’s been a dream! I am so lucky that I have parents who enjoys to travel and seeing new places. It’s been 4 years since they were visiting the last time , then Covid happened and it was no travels for many people for a period of time, so I am so excited that they are back and we can enjoy these moments together.

Adrenaline Rib boat touring

And now summer has arrived in full here and we have days with 45+ degrees Celsius … so that says a lot. I am reminding them to drink water and to eat as well! It’s easy to get dehydrated and not feel hungry in this heat.

I love my mom ❤️

Twiggy is by far one of my favorite places of all time in Dubai and I think it landed well with my parents too. We had so much fun that day and whenever I see that they are happy and enjoying, I am super happy and I am enjoying too! They are the most important thing in my life and seeing them relaxed and enjoying life gives me so much pleasure – truly from the bottom of my heart! Parents are everything ❤️

Cocktails at sushi samba

They only have about a week left to be here and I’m gonna be so sad and empty when they leave (but it will also be holy to have my space back 😂) but the good news is that I’m traveling to Scandinavia for the summer and it’s not gonna be that long until I see them again 😍

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