Still learning life skills

I’ve been really unmotivated lately and a lot of stress with everything on both professional and personal levels and I have at least 12 articles I need to write and they will come soon! I just haven’t been feeling it lately.

Last week I think I hit “the wall” it’s been many times I’ve felt like that and I haven’t felt like that In a Very long time but this time I was so tired I couldn’t even get out of bed properly for several days. I felt the tiredness behind my eyeballs every time I closed my eyes and I was in between severe insomnia with only 1-2 h of sleep pr night to not being able to get up and sleeping all day. All of this is related to psychological stress. I am 100% sure of that.

The good news is that in these situations is that you give yourself time to get back up, I am Not saying that it’s ok to slack around for several days but I am saying that you need to listen to your body. And rest when you need to rest and you don’t actually have to be productive all the days when you feel you need to have more time to yourself to sort out whatever it is you need to sort out.

So I don’t feel bad in that aspect. My life is good and I have friends and family around me who loves me and work can be a little stressful at times because it’s always uncertain about what’s coming up next or to what extent I can deliver. I think this is the stress factor for me. But this is normal for anyone! I tent to overthink and over stress when I feel like I don’t have control over a situation and the only thing that will do to you is just to stress you out more.

We need to get better at just trusting the process of divine timing and that everything happens for a reason. We cannot control everything 🫣 trust me- I know this! So sometimes – all I’m saying is that it’s ok to feel frustrated and lean in to yourself for a day or two (or three ) just to sort out your thoughts and get a more calmness to yourself. It’s ok. Things doesn’t have to be perfect all the time. And me too- i am still learning this life skill. And it’s not easy!

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