Midsummer weekend 2022

This has truly been one for the books! A magical midsummer with wonderful people spent in the Swedish archipelago! Wouldn’t have had it any other way!

Here’s the recap!

I arrived at the airport in the early afternoon on midsummer (Friday) and I got changed as fast as I got through customs and collected my luggage. I found my way to the nearest bathroom and I changed my outfit and did my makeup. I attached my midsummer crown in my hair and I ordered an Uber taxi to take me to the party! Everyone was already there and by the time I got there I already missed the midsummer lunch and the first part of the singing drinking games!

It was not a crisis. I just had to catch up with everyone and get to their level of enjoyment that day and I had no problem doing that! It was a wonderful group of people! And I love meeting new people as well!

For Swedish midsummer we have a lot of tradition with games that you play in teams. So we divided the Group in to 5 teams and got straight to it!!

I’m not gonna get into the details of the games but one of them was a music quiz and the special thing about this was that we a Italy had a singer who could sing and she hosted the whole quiz and it was so magical! I’m telling you it’s something just with the vibration of the people. Everyone is in a happy mood. The music is fun- everyone is dancing! It was just perfect!

My team didn’t win but we finished on a good second place! 😁

The next day we decided to head out to another island in the beautiful Swedish archipelago about another 1,5h out. And meet out other friends and this was also a magical experience! They had a old tree hut that was built in the 60’s and it was the only hut on the island. Also here. Great company and spent a great time there catching up with other friends. However this day I was not 100% strong in my body due to the cray shenanigans the day before and little to no sleep but I managed to get through this day like a champion!

When I woke up this morning I was just rested and fit for another day! I got up early and of course everyone was still sleeping for a few more hours and later I ended up heading back to the city in the afternoon.

(By this time I haven’t had a shower in a while! I literally just arrived from Dubai and still didn’t unpack my bags 😂) so really. When I came back to the city today it was the best shower I’ve ever had! 😂

I am telling you, I could not have had a better midsummer! And it was the best ever spent!

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