The swiss butter experience

I just love a new experience and a new introduction to a concept that everyone can get behind!

It’s simple. Not at all too much glam- but just perfect in its own way in the aspect of good food and location – plus keeping it simple!

In a city like Dubai it’s so easy that the new venues and restaurants get carried away and compete in the same categories with the same niches …It’s easy to forget about the normal places around here that don’t sprinkle the glitter and glam all the time.

At Swiss butter they got you covered! The menu is really simple! It suits the person who is very picky about the food they’re eating, and it suits the ultimate vegan as well. And this to me was mind blowing! Keeping it classy and easy with a short and simple menu is the way to go!

On the menu they keep it simple ! Chicken- beef, salmon Or vegan!

All dishes comes with fries, a salad and baguette plus the famous Swiss butter sauce!

The pricing was incredible and you can really get behind that! You can count on a dinner for 2 at around 200 dirhams here (not including Alcohol beverages) but still, it’s really good quality food and the portions were massive! You won’t leave this place on an empty stomach that’s for sure!

The dress code is casual and you can most definitely bring your whole family on board for a finer dinner feast at this place!

I will definitely go back there and I also have to say! I had the vegan steak and it was probably the best vegan steak I’ve ever had in my life.

I try new things from time to time and this was an explosion of flavors in your mouth and I will even dare to say that it was better than the real deal! And that’s something! Hats off to that!

Swiss butter is located at the Sofitel downtown and you don’t need to book prior to going there. Enjoy!

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