Everyone knows about the strike with SAS airlines that was ongoing for a few weeks a while back? Well due to that I had to make arrangements to get to my flight back to Dubai on time. And I am lucky that my hometown is also close to Sweden and far up north to one of the local airports there that is not operated by any SAS flights!

Which is great cus 1, it was convenient and 2, I got to see Gothenburg for the very first time and 3, I had the best time with the best company too. Win win! (Oslo in only 3h 30 mins by bus away from Gothenburg)

The weather was a bit stormy-ish the first few days, Gothenburg is a super charming city and reminds me a lot about Stockholm only a bit smaller.

Sannegårdens pizza

The local pizza’s are amazing, a big must try is the nominated Sannegårdens pizzeria, they are famous and have been awarded the best pizza of Sweden numerous times and in one day they made a record of 1700 pizzas in a day!!

Picture from “avenyn”

There are a lot of really cute restaurants and bars here too. (A lot!!) But don’t be fooled by the charming interior at some places, Gothenburg has an ongoing reputation for gang violence as well and some areas are better to maybe stay away from. That being said, you get a long way by just being nice and polite here (as many other places too) and most people are just super friendly and very helpful.

Cocktails at the parlour in Gothenburg

Gothenburg is definitely a must see that should be on your list. Specially in the summer when the city is in its most flourishing mode ❤️ I’ll definitely be back ❤️

There are a lot of good hotels in Gothenburg and most of them have breakfast included. I would recommend to pick any day that is a weekday especially in the summer as during the weekend the hotel prices are double- maybe even triple compared to the weekday prices! But there really is something for everyone and I promise you won’t be disappointed by any hotel breakfast you get over here either!

The best breakfast at scandic hotel

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