Horsing Around

So I’ve been silent for a while as I’ve been preoccupied with life and the finer things of northern Norway during my visit up here this time!

I’ve had the best time! And to top it up like the fine cherry on top as we say, I’ve been riding this beautiful horse a couple of times pr week as well and that has been such a soothing and relaxing therapy in so many ways.

It’s just something with horses that is so calming to me. Maybe I’m not the only one?

It’s so amazing when you’re on the country side and you have everything at your feet, we have a cute little village up here (called Mosjøen) , we have fjords and mountains, wildlife, all the four seasons of the year and the sun never sets in the summer as the same as it (almost) never shows during winter! It’s spectacular.

And to make it even better I had access to this horse and it has really grown on me. So much.

Not only will I miss my family (until Christmas of course 🤪) but will miss this horse as well. we have been riding in sunshine and rain and in cold and more soothing temperatures and bonded over many hours in the stables as well as out and about. He is the most gentle soul and he is gigantic if I compare him to the Arabian horses that I ride back “home” in the UAE.

Anyways I’m not really the horsey horsey type of girl because I can’t and couldn’t be bothered to bond with girls who had the same interests and would take it to the extreme before, and we all know that the girly horse riding environment can be really nasty. Haha . So I go beyond that. I just like to connect with the horses and I love riding, do my thing and finish my day. And I think that this is why right now in my adult life I am much more secure and stable as a person with a horse than what I was when I was a teenager (talking about horses of course) 😂

Anyways I am happy and I feel that I will miss this horse a little extra than any other horse. Just because of the bond! But the good news is that I can take it riding when I am back in December and I can’t wait for that!

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