Let’s talk Dog – Happy bark day!

I have discovered a new pet friendly café right here in the heart of Dubai.it’s super cute and of course owned by some really cool Filipinos and their entire concept is to cater to dogs and dogs only.

Happy bark day – at happy bark day in business bay- Dubai (next to the pad building)

Every day they make a fresh recipe with items that they put out on their menu for the day, they do home delivery and also in-house dining.

It’s basically a luxury café/coffee shop for dogs. You’ll order at the counter and when the food is ready the staff comes out and serves your dog, they even cut the food into small tiny pieces so that your dog can consume the food easier.

Pumpkin and salmon biscuits

Trust me it’s super cute. And if you have a dog that is well mannered and he can wait for his turn, that whole dining experience looks kind of classy😂 (not in Marley’s case) He devoured those biscuits like it was no tomorrow, the lady didn’t even make it to the table with knives and forks before they were all gone. He was happy though😂

I asked them when is their busiest time and the lady said that it’s after 6 PM on weekdays, however I was there at 2 PM on a Sunday and it was still pretty cute, not too many people but the place itself is very charming.

Make sure when you get there that you put your dog in the photo section, they have so many set ups where you can create cute little photos with your pet.

I know for a fact that Marley my dog was enjoying his life to the fullest on this day😂

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