White water rafting

I spent almost a month back home in north of Norway and all this time in my whole life it took me this long to discover white water rafting.

Well to be honest it hasn’t been around forever I think the tourism in my hometown started blossoming just about 10 years ago or so so this was a really fun thing to explore and basically just in my backyard when I’m home.

It’s a couple that got married and moved back to North of Norway and they opened up the only white river rafting in north of Norway and they have stuff all the way from Chile and Argentina to help out tourists explore the beautiful rivers we have up there.

I’ve never done white water rafting before and the rivers that we explored on this day was a level three, I don’t know if you know anything about rafting but I’ll tell you that the levels goes from 1 to 6 where level six is super advanced and even the professionals don’t really wanna do a level six.

So you get up there (grane) by car it’s about a 40 minute drive from my hometown (Mosjøen) and when you get there you get stashed with all the equipment that you need and of course all the safety gear to so that you can enjoy three hours on the river with a professional guide.

I’m telling you I had no expectations to this, but I’m glad I did it because now I am aware of these other activities around my hometown and it was so cool to explore something a little different.

I absolutely recommend this and it’s soooo worth it. And if you’re someone who would like to enjoy the finer things in life you can also organize with them to heat up the Jacuzzi for when you are done with the rafting and you can enjoy an hour in an old school wooden stomp Jacuzzi if you like. However it’s not for the picky one because although the forest is very beautiful there is also a lot of bugs that bite you including mosquitoes for one 😂

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