Trending Korean k-pop studio and going places, all in the aspect of 4 days! It’s been wild! Too much to see in so little time!

I dont usually travel by myself like this, (usually I travel by my self but in most cases I know loads of people to the destination I am going to and I’m never alone)

But this has been unreal! It’s a little scary traveling to a place where you don’t know anyone but also it forces you to step out of your comfort zone and step up for yourself.

Besides from the people I met on my journey I don’t know anyone in Singapore. A little intrigued to explore things on my own as well and I had good advice and guidance on where to go and what to do! Apart from that I had a photo shoot at an amazing k-pop studio and we did some incredible work together! I can’t wait to share more about this project with you! (Hint is in the first photo on top )

I discovered that the Singaporean people are so kind, educated, most speak multiple languages and the lifestyle is a fast paced lane every day! (Ps: Singapore is NOT the ultimate city for high heels, I can tell u that!) It’s bulky wooden floors everywhere, brick stones and uneven pavement all over the place) Bring chunky heels if you have to wear heels, or better yet, nice flat elegant sandals are even)

I had drinks and bites here and it’s such a beautiful place.

I also discovered that Singapore is extremely expensive. I live in Dubai and people tend to think THAT is expensive…. But Singapore is another level expensive! I’ve never ever in my life paid 8 dollars for an apple juice at the grocery store, not to mention the cheese for 11 dollars (250g)

And you can forget about hauling a taxi off the streets during rush hour and especially when it rains! I also learned that when it rains and when it’s rush hour the rates for the taxis almost doubles 😂 the best thing to do is to download an app called Grab or Zig. (Same like Uber / Careem what we have back home)

It’s always humid in Singapore(forget about styling your hair and bring clothes that breathe! And the people in Singapore got style! How ever there are a lot of places that are super casual and I also discovered an area called Clarke Quay! It’s like a little bar street/ promenade by the water and it has loads of cover bands and little bars and restaurants all over the place and it’s close to china town in downtown Singapore. It was actually a very cozy area!

Then there is the gardens by the bay … what an amazing area!

You can spend the whole day there just strolling around and absorbing the beautiful landscape, the tree observatory and the rain forest dome, the flower dome and the cloud walk.

I am scared of heights and I ended up at the cloud walk. My soul almost left my body and I wanted to crawl back down 😂 once ur up there You’ll see what I mean, but it was actually pretty incredible and I’m glad I did it! Also don’t miss the waterfall in there..

On my last day I went to a night safari next to the zoo, I know what you’re thinking but it’s not that kind of zoo. It’s a sanctuary where they educate tourists on the endangered species and the animals and how to prevent more animals from dying because of illegal poaching and such.

It was really nice . It’s a night safari and you basically get in one of the jeeps and they drive you around and you can see the animals from a far with a guide. Safe in the car.

They have hippoes, lions, buffaloes, deers, hyenas, bears, elephants and all these animals are rescued from other places in the world where they have been or were in danger. Some animals even come there from the illegal private market (such places like The US or middle eastern countries where some people kept them as pets when they were small and then the lions for example grows up and they don’t know what do to with them (du’h! Rolling eyes) and they have to give them to a sanctuary like this where they can get proper care.. cus no way they can be released into the wild. They don’t know how to be…

Anyways it was a great experience and I loved the fact that the angle was for educating people about the animals today and not for entertainment.

You can get the best views from Marina Bay sands hotel and if you visit Ce La Vi on top you can even enjoy a glass of “whatever you want” and while looking out over the city! It’s really beautiful and you can see all the way to Indonesia from there!

And that pretty much sums it up! I had a great time! Short and efficient and I would definitely come back. 🙏🏼

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