The juicy details about the bike Shoot

It’s not only glitz and glamour at a photo shoot here in Dubai, there is sweat, long hours, loads of dust, tears and muscle power behind a picture and not to mention the wait for the perfect moment.

Photo shoot wouldn’t really be a photo shoot without the drama and better yet we’d like it without the drama but sometimes you can’t avoid it.

The most unforeseen things can happen especially when you’re dealing with motorcycles. I’ve been riding a motorcycle since I was 16 years old and those motorcycles I was riding back in the day was racing bikes Kinda almost the same like the one in the picture but still quite not the same.

You have different levels to your motorcycle license, you kind of start off small and build your way up. The bikes (we had 2, one custom KTM 1100 cc and one BMW 1000rr racing bike custom made in KTM colors too) in this photo shoot are way above my “grade” and way too heavy for me to handle and you should always respect the power of these monsters because they can become very dangerous very fast.

Coming from the countryside in Norway have had my fair share of dirt bikes over the years and during my time in the UAE I have had my fair share of riding bikes in the desert as well, but not even one time is comparable to the other because each time is different.

Many people don’t know that I’m capable of riding the bike so a lot of people are surprised when they see me riding these beautiful monsters (of course under supervision) and with the best people around me and a team of safety.

Sometimes during a photo shoot like this you have to push your limits a little bit although it might be scary you can get away with learning something new or it could be a complete failure, but what matters is how you handle the situation and how you complete the job.

In my case, and to let you in on a little behind the scenes I was riding the bike and I was taking it onto the sand I really underestimated the power of the Dubai desert.

The bike was basically too powerful and strong for me to handle and the sand was too slippery for my expectation and the bike slipped underneath my feet and I fell pretty badly. I ruptured both my knees, the whole left side of my body including my elbow, wrist and shoulders.

Of course this happened in the beginning of the photo shoot and we had to complete the pictures although now we had a bike where the clutch was broken the gear pedal was lost and the cosmetic appearance of the front of the bike was destroyed.

To me everything went in slow motion and I was so embarrassed that this all happened on camera 🙈 but on the fun side -nobody was offended we got it all on camera which was values for the photographer in a weird way and we made it look pretty cool so I guess it was a win-win but it took me about 10 days to recover and my wounds have just started healing nicely and we added a few stitches At the Hospital . (The pic above is just from one leg)

I had to finish the photo shoot with bleeding knees, shoulder, arm and elbow and make it look like everything was perfectly fine. And this my friend is what it’s all about. Making it happen even if things had a dramatic turn! However the pictures turned out great and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. A big reminder to myself to not think that I am the best at everything and to have respect for this big toys and maybe next time choose a bike more suited for my size😂

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