Mini Mr.White Part vol.4

The success and the Mystery behind the Mr.white Parties continues! if you have heard about the Mr.white Parties, then you also know it’s not an official event. It’s always a secret, secret location and secret entertainment. And you have to be invited to join and that happens when you’re referred by one of the secret gatherers.

It’s a chic and unique event. And nobody really knows who Mr.White is 😌

it’s charming and it’s a rolling always growing good crowd gathered together to celebrate good times, good vibes and good music!

For a night of positive energy only. Where you can network and meet people from any industry and form new bonds wether it’s business or acquaintances!

It’s one of my favorite get-togethers of the year by far! So well planned! So well done! And it’s Done right every time!! Applause to everyone who came out and made this tradition alive again!

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