Think Greek!

Why not sum up the weekend with some friends and go ahead and eat Greek food at Mythos in JLT!!

This bread and this tzatziki was out of this world

This place is truly a pearl that is hidden away from all of us who live in downtown Dubai. It’s not often we think about going to the other side of town but when we do we make sure we enjoy the best time.

Mythos has been around for quite some time but this was my first time going there and I must say in the hot Dubai weather there was nothing better than an ice cold mythos beer!

It’s a super cute Greek trattoria, you really feel like you are in Greece when you were there and you forget about the busy city noise and lifestyle.

This moussaka is to die for

It’s perfect to bring your family around or even if you have kids they have a wide Selection of amazing Greek food on the menu and the price is just right!!

I can recommend my favorite which is the Greek moussaka, the home made tzatziki, The fresh oven baked bread, The olives, and I can’t forget about the baked feta cheese! Wow !! Definitely going back to this place!

The baked feta🙌🏼

Make sure you book in advance because the place is super busy during weekends and especially Sundays when everyone is mending their hangover😂 we were lucky to get a table for walk-ins and we were only two people and they only had two seats left. Phew!

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