The Lean Co!

Have you ever felt like you just don’t have the energy or the wants to get in to the kitchen and cook dinner every day? or do breakfast every day? or lunch every day?

Lean Co has your solution! They basically meal prep every day with you for your customized meals! creating healthy meals to fit your schedule and your daily calorie intake! It’s amazing!

Each week you can pick from a various different things to choose from on the menu, and the best part is that everything is super healthy and it’s there to support your diet whether you are a gym fanatic or a stay at home mom with a busy schedule or just a young bachelor/bachelorette who doesn’t want to get in to cooking every day and doing the dishes, this is the perfect solution for you!

I mean look at all this amazing food and you get to stay healthy, your cravings are met and it’s delivered fresh to your door every morning!! I love the concept and it’s so easy to use and follow up! The lean co is also part of another company called the Vegains Co. basically it’s the same idea just if you’re vegan and wanna stay in that lane, they have a full vegan menu that is exciting and fresh lol in every day for your needs as well! You have to check them out on Instagram!

They have different Meal plans , different durations and you can sign up for as long as you want! I’ve been trying them outs for a few days now and every day they just keep amazing me, I was not expecting this type of quality food also being healthy and satisfaction at the same time!

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