Appreciation post

I know I dropped an article about The Lean Co. a while ago, but I haven’t shared all the yummy food I’ve been eating!

They have sent me all this healthy food for a month now and I feel great! Some foods takes a while getting used to, and some things is just pure habit! And your cravings for the fast fix such as cheese and pizza from time to time slowly disappear! But it’s so worth it!

If you know me you know I’m big on breakfast and lunch! I’m not such a dinner – eating late at night kind of person! But will these dishes has just been perfect and I love that you have 3-4 different options to choose from every day!

These eggs and asparagus was the booomb!!
The quinoa bowl with pico de gallo !
This was lunch and dinner combined! Beef rollata and baked chicken 🙏🏼

Basically the list is long and there is so many options! This is truly a great deal! Don’t miss it if you are thinking about doing a meal plan and you are in the UAE, this is it! Check them out on Instagram @ theleanco

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