Middle East Fashion week

Yea it’s November and that means, apart from a lot of birthday celebrations and pre- xmas preparations here and there, its Also event season!! And that means a lot of new launches, and it’s Middle East Fashion Week!!

One of the most prestigious fashion events in the region and all local and international designers are attending. It’s the place to be! yesterday was the final day and I attended and it was so much fun!

Of course I originally went for the Amato show, and to catch that at the end of the night but I also managed to see another designer who goes by the name house of victor, and that my friends- was a little bit out of the ordinary and very controversial. But we still enjoyed!

At some point I thought I was at the wrong show (which I basically was) because the Amato show was supposed to start at 10:15 pm, but I ended up in the seating and the house of victor show started, I was expecting Amato, but got victor instead . 😂

Opening show at house of victor

2 hours later the Amato show started, that’s a 2 hour delay on the schedule. But we still stuck it out and saw it through.

It was a great show as always delivered by Amato and the vibe was just perfect! The models were wow and all new season with Amato is all about denim!

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