AURA! The worlds tallest sky pool!

Behold!! St.Regis Palm is not only home to the famous Sushi Samba, but also all the way on the top is a magical place called Aura and I am telling you, it’s both scary and fascinating to be up there at the same time!

It’s so many floors up high that it literally feels like you’re on an airplane!

They have 3 different options for bookings, the early day, then the afternoon, or the full day. They close at 7. (I think but I could also be wrong) You can also choose to just grab lunch and sit in the restaurant and enjoy some indoors, or you can book sunbeds or a sofa lounge outside and enjoy the sunset / view! The booking is done via their booking portal link that you can find in their bio on their Instagram @ auraskypool.

We had an incredible day. This is one for the photo album. This is a tourist hot spot, this should definitely be on your bucket list if you’re planning on visiting Dubai! That is for sure!

Also be prepared, the place is pricy, but if you’re one for the views and a little over the top enthusiast, I’d say go for it!

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