Drift Beach Turned 5!

Drift Beach turned 5 and they celebrated in style and went over the top with a full- all in- Old Hollywood – style party!

What a party to finish the year with! (Besides New Year’s Eve ) but for me this was the last big event before I travel in just a few days and it couldn’t have been a better way end to the year!

You can’t go wrong when you put old Hollywood as dress code, add some assorted cheese, caviar & pancakes and oysters to the menu (I don’t do oysters but some people were really down for that and said it was amazing)

The entertainment was amazing and they’ve also added old school classic cars to the event, here and there! It’s was red carpets, dancers, feather girls and live band and everything that came with it!

I had a magical evening!

May Drift stay on and grow bigger and better for the next years to come as well! Happy anniversary!!

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