How I spent the last 22 hours flying back home

I MADE IT!! After almost 22 hours of traveling yesterday, I made it home for Christmas! it was an unexpected and intense day. Wow! Usually I do this stretch in about 10-11 hours and that’s ok cus it’s a long journey and a few flights changes so it doesn’t feel like it’s such a long time.

But yesterday was different as it was a snow storm, flight strips that was covered in snow and technical issues on two flights. In total I had to take 4 different domestic flights to get home. There were other Flights that were cancelled, flights that were delayed by several hours. At some point the airline was gonna give everyone a hotel to stay in cus it was getting late… but they managed to get me on the last flight anyway 🙏🏼 And all in all it since I left Dubai till I reached Home in Norway took me 22 hours in total. I was so tired!

I just woke up now and In the end all that matters is that I made it home! Cus the wintery scenery (!!) and being back with family is all that matters !!

I wasn’t feeling very “christmassy” before I left. It was like the beginning of December just flew away. Usually by this time we’d have decorated the house, put the lights up, done a few Xmas traditions with friends, had some mulled wine and seen the Christmas market in Dubai but this year was different. Time just flew and none of that happened.

But now. Being back home in Norway, Seeing all this. Feeling the freezing temperatures on my skin and sleeping in my bed, the fireplace is lit! It’s warm and cozy inside, the outdoors is covered in thick powder snow, daylight is up just a few hours pr day.

The Christmas feeling is starting to come back and it’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas again for real!!

It’s good to be back!! How are you guys spending the holidays ?

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