Are you guys there yet? Have you found the calm before the storm? All presents bought or are you the last minute person who finishes everything just in time before family time on Christmas Eve?

Either way, it’s truly beginning to look a Lot like Christmas here. It’s so much snow, it’s chilly and crisp in the air.

All I’ve been doing these last couple of days is to enjoy every moment. Spending so much time at home with my family and today we decorated the house and the Xmas tree!

We usually wait until Christmas Eve and then decorate the tree. But somehow it just felt like this was the right thing to do and we went for it! (this way it feels like Christmas lasts even longer 🤪)

I have always been a Christmas person. I will always love Christmas. The lights. The music, the food, the spirit, the joy, and the traditions. My family is pretty big on Christmas traditions and I am so grateful that I grew up this way that I too – maybe some day- get to pass this on to my family / kids and so on. (If I ever have kids, who knows?! but at least my own family.. of a partner and dogs, lots of dogs 😂)

What ever the scenario is, I think it’s important that we keep the magic alive, it’s the small things, the Christmas markets, the baking. The decorating, the food, and remembering all the excitement you had for Christmas when you were a child and let those same feelings come over you even when you’re an adult.

I’m still a kid at heart when it comes to Christmas. What are your must haves?

I have to do the advent calendar, the reading of the presents (the to and the froms) decorate the tree, light the candles. Eat all the Christmas stuff I can handle, watch Xmas movies. Take in the special smell/ scent of Christmas, and last but not least, the snow!!! I think I could continue forever. But the bottom line is, Christmas is meant to be enjoyed with your family and loved ones.

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