Merry Christmas Eve- Eve

That’s how we do it in Norway! We kick off Christmas with celebrating on the 24th, Christmas Eve- eve and it’s been the most calm, peaceful and harmonic evening ever.

I am sure everyone has their own traditions when it comes to Christmas. Even food wise. Drink wise, games you play, the desserts, the sweets and snacks after everything is settled and done. And the order and timing for presents to what you watch on TV.

My mom made the best Xmas dinner. (Bless her!❤️) I got my cooking skills from her (and a few other family members) that’s for sure!

A typical Norwegian Xmas dinner with everything (we do pork belly as well but I didn’t have that on my plate here)

I got so stuffed after eating that both me and my dad fell in to a proper food coma and by 8pm I could barely keep my eyes open. Now I know how those who have food comas on a regular basis after every meal feel 😂

We had some good wine. And just the simplicity of us just being us, it was a wonderful Xmas Eve.

I wanna take this opportunity and wish you all a merry Christmas! How ever you spend it, I hope it’s filled with unconditional love and joy and that you get to spend it with people around you that you love and cherish!

Even if you’re alone, I hope that you somehow find some calmness to this holiday where you get to recharge your batteries and find your inner peace.

May this holiday season be as great as it can get for everyone , and may you come back reloaded and as a calmer better person, who is ready to take on the new year!

I salute you all! Thank you each and everyone of you for reading my blog! It’s always a pleasure to share my stories here and have you come back for more! I can’t wait to see what the new year has in order for us all.

I am humbly blessed and grateful for everything in my life and for my wonderful family and friends! I love sharing with you!

Merry Christmas everyone! 🎄🎅🏼☃️❤️

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