You only need a handful

As we only have 2 days left of this wonderful year that has been, for some it’s been tough and for others it has been a blessing, I just wanted to take the time to reflect back on all the things I’m grateful for. (What are you grateful for?)

That I finished my case last year and I am able to travel and see my family and friends! we don’t really think about our freedom when we have it at all times until we are forced to stay in one place and can’t leave until something changes… this goes for both critical things such as factors we can’t control and also private life in relationships with a partner. (Not to mention those who are robbed of this because of the state of their own country or the freedom of speech but that is a completely different post on a deeper level for another time)

This was the day I signed the papers that cleared me from all the hell I went through with my case. It was a special day and I was reborn and all charges against me was removed. 🙏🏼

I am grateful that I have had 14 wonderful years in Dubai which has been an incredible home to me where I have set a foundation in my adult life in friendship and chosen family in a home away from home and that is something I will hold dearly in my heart forever. People can say a lot of things about Dubai but that is all about their own perspective. To me Dubai has been a wonderful place – with the good and the bad and if I decide to move back home soon I will miss it dearly so it’s all about big decisions In the near future. It’s hard to leave a place you love but sometimes you have to make choices based on the relevance of your reality and I am thinking maybe 14 years is my finish line. Or not?! Time will tell and it will tell soon.

I am so truly grateful for the education I took last year when Covid was rambling on it’s worst and I took a year of studies for medical secretary. And this again landed me a lot of work that I could combine with my holiday when I went to Norway to see my family there and to be able to have that choice and be able to work and help out at the hospital back home has really been a pleasure as well! I really love it there and the role I fill when I’m doing just that.

You know- it’s true what they say. You will never work a day in your life if you truly love what you do. And that happened to be something I really found another part of myself in and I love it!

The irony of that is that when I was done with school in Norway at the age of 18, I was so fed up with school and teachers , and I swore I would never set foot in a classroom again. 🤣 let alone take on another study ☺️ well there you go, things change and when you truly have the choice to decide what you want and have the time to figure out what you love doing, it’s a no brainer.

Studies was hard, but it’s not that hard when you understand everything in all concepts and you absorb everything because you have an interest in the topic and you are eager to learn! Because that’s what you wanna do!

I am grateful for my friends and my family. I don’t need my circle to be big, I need it to be trustworthy, with people I can laugh and cry with and those who will never get tired of hearing me out and supporting me and me doing vice versa for them .

This is important. You can have thousands of acquaintances who knows you when they need something from you, but you only need a good handful to pull up when you need them and those are you people.

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