Happy New Year!

As I’m writing this it’s already past new years! And I hope that everyone started the year right with the best people around them with love, laughter and ready to kick off with a fresh slate.

This is what it’s all about! Growing and becoming the better version of ourselves that we were the previous years- no matter what life threw at us we are always able to grow and learn and being better! For good or for worse!

I celebrated with a small group of friends and it was just the perfect New Year’s Eve. Every year in Dubai, New Year’s Eve is just super hectic so we decided to celebrate at home and it was the coziest thing!

So cheers for this new year that we are taking upon us, and let’s make a promise to ourself that we only keep getting better and stronger than we already have been, so that we can create better lives and build new friendships for ourselves and others in this coming year!

What are your resolutions this year?

I am sticking with my training. I’m gonna travel more, I’m done over explaining things, I am saying YES to more adventures and stepping out of the comfort zone when I can!

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