Everything about my “Girl on bike” shoot from this week

It’s been a while since I agreed to do a photo shoot just for fun. But these people been asking me for about 9 months to do this shoot and the other day I finally gave in.

I’m glad I did that. I had so much fun and it was great to be I front of the camera like this again. Well.. the bike thing was impulsive, and I just happen to have an MC license also , well .. not a proper MC license as the bikes I can ride are only light weight motorcycles … but in theory the meachanism is the same … so . Yea I CAN ride bikes.

In theory we were going to shoot in the desert.. and in the Dubai desert there is always a high probability that you will run into some camels … and I love camels … we found some camels too and it was beyond this world . They were so curious and came straight up to me. They are Such beautiful creations.. just wow.

DISCLAIMER : (Anyhows it’s my responsibility to not encourage you to go looking for camels because some of them might be frightened and attack or alltho there is a very small chance , there is still a chance that something might happen so I don’t recommend going to the desert and finding camels like this unless you have permission from someone who owns them)

But… you know what, it was so much fun.

You know how they say that you never forget how to ride a bicycle if you first know how ? Well this is the same. You’ll never forget how to ride MC bikes either. Only difference between my old bike and this bike is about 800cc of power… 😂 and a couple of more kilos in bike material..and a lot more money in value..but other than that.. “same same”

I wanna thank the photographer for trusting me to not wreck his bike and for giving me the confidence to actually dare to try and ride again. I had a blast! Here’s a video for you guys 💋

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