Heaven gained another angel. Rosco 2013-2020

It’s with a very heavy heart that I had to put my baby to sleep yesterday. He was diagnosed with a an aggressive tumor in his heart, liver and lunges a while back and it was nothing they could do for him. He started getting sick and bloated about 6 months ago , back then I didn’t know it was a tumor. We thought of everything else. And it went so fast. From then till now… and now he is gone .

The last days I spent with him he was really struggling to breathe and he had 3,5 liters of fluids built up in his stomach that didn’t pass/come out and it was creating so much pressure in his intestines all over his body. I have no way of knowing how to handle this correctly. You think it gets easier but it doesn’t!!

I know he suffered the last few days and I know he isn’t in pain anymore. No animals should sufffer or be in pain like that.

It will be ok over time, But my heart broke and I don’t know how to fix it. I don’t know how to cope with this loss to be honest… noting makes sense anymore. Feels like there is no point with anything . The house is empty, I miss his noise. I feel so empty without him.

I know for all the right reasons that this was the best thing to do but I can’t help it to feel so guilty for making the decision to end his life, but we have a responsibility towards our pets to make the decisions for them when they can’t. I saw his soul leave his body after the second injection. It was so fast. I was holding him, I told him not to be scared . I sat there and talked to him the entire time, making sure he knew I was there every step of the way. I know he went in peace. And after that it was just a “shell” and that was not my dog anymore that way laying there. I knew he was gone.


7,5 years of him saving my life . I don’t know where I would have been today without him and it’s just unbearable this happened to him. He didn’t deserve this. My baby Rosco. He was everything. the best dog ever.

Thank you for being the best dog ❤️ there will never ever be anyone else like you! Your memories will last for ever in my heart and you brought to much joy to everyone you met❤️

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