Everyone is like “happy new year, this year I’m gonna do this and that, 2020 has been hard and a challenge … bla bla bla” then you have the people who literally and genuinely believes that Covid ends January 1st 2021 as well.. (I can’t even get started on that one..so imma leave that for another post)

But why are people so NAIVE and hello …?! Just wake the fuck up. This is not my New Years speech but just a effing reminder that life is still happening and just because it’s a new year doesn’t mean that every worry and problems we have in the world magically disappears .

How ever it’s nice to see hope and people staying strong and positive because yea – after all- it’s been hell for many of us and I’m glad we made it this far.

So cheers to us for putting up with all the crap we have put up with and for making the life situations as best as we could! For staying out of jail, for feeding your families and putting your kids through school! And cheers to the doctors and teachers and all the communities that have stuck together throughout this year! And for fucks sake let’s not forget about the ZOOM calls ! Thank fuck for that! I salute you! ZOOM made my life a bit happier this year and really made it possible for me to stay a little bit closer to my family and friends in my home away from home! So there is that!

Other than that I just wanna say that whatever this new year is bringing I am NOT having any expectations, I don’t expect people to suddenly wake up and have common sense , I don’t expect anything to dramatically change , I JUST want people to be chill, kind, use their brains a little, and for things to work out for the better and for us to stay healthy and living the best life we possibly can! Own it and love it.

Truly yours!

May you have a 2021 that is kind to you!


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