Dream Rings- Grisogono

Opposite to many other girls, I have never dreamed of getting married or having kids, getting proposed to or having a fiancée. All of those things always seemed so “far away” all my life. But I always had an obsession with two Grisogono rings for all these years and I have a girlfriend who happened to have BOTH models that I love! One day When I am rich I am gonna get em both! Grisogono is known for doing extreme massive statement Jewelry. I got to know the brand when I worked for Fashion TV arabia. I have interviewed Fawas Du Gruosi several times both at a jewel event in Lebanon and at Cannes film festival. He even iced me out with jewels for the Cannes film festival back in 2014. Of course I had to give them back at the end of the event. But how ever. The bottom line is, these jewels are so cool and amazing and if I’m ever gonna have some fancy jewels one day these will be it. The rings comes in different styles and colors, but these are my absolute favorites and the more I talk about it the more I’m convincing myself that I might just have them made. (It’s cheaper😜) sooo…. later ! If you had to pick one, Which is your fave?

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