The best Veggie lasagna

Ok. Drop everything you are doing and read here … I spent the day with my best friend Daniel yesterday and he cooked us dinner. He made a veggie lasagna and darlings, it was mind blowing. I don’t have the complete recipe but imma tell you what was in it as far as I know 💪🏼

It was so good I can’t get over it. Almost the best lasagna I’ve ever had in my life and it had zero meat and we got so full and satisfied. I need to share this with you!

It had

A fine chopped onion and clove of garlic , crushed tomatoes, a tea spoon of honey, a little thyme, 4dl water, 2x thin sliced haloumi, 200 g spinach, a little salt & pepper, and loads of roasted pumpkin seeds. (Obviously lasagna plates too… 3 layers if you can) Then top it with shredded cheese and smash it in the over at 225c for about 25 mins and enjoy!

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