Weather Sensitive

This happens to me every time I leave Dubai and enter another country. My body is adjusting to the weather changes and I get “sick” for a few days. It’s so frustrating. I don’t have any allergies. But I have a very very sensitive throat, nose and ears. Anyone else???

I’ve had that all my life. When I used to live in the nordic countries I would get sick on a “regular basis” every time the weather changed. Living in Dubai was easy as we don’t (hardly) have any weather changes so I was never really sick. When I say sick I mean the beautiful mix of cold and flu-ish with blocked and runny nose, locks in my ears and tonsils from hell (even tho I’ve had my tonsils removed they have grown back!!) and raspy voice. Yeah… so anyhows , this happened to me 5 mins after arriving in Stockholm. And today I just feel sooo congested and blocked.

Been drinking tea with honey, ginger and lemon and dressing warm. Still I am cold 😂 my best friend went to go tanning today?! Imagine! It’s 17c and sunny… it’s way too cold for me. I’m staying inside.

The Swedes loves their sunshine and don’t waste a moment Indoors if the sun is out so I don’t blame her. Meanwhile , I am exploring all these teas. So far the one on the left is my fave 🥰

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