Last day in Stockholm

As every Sunday should be, Netflix, chips, dips and candy! Taking it super chill today. We did nothing but relax and catch up on sleep today and yesterday. It was very much needed.

My bags are packed, tomorrow morning I’m doing my medical before I hit the airport and head to Norway. I’m so excited to go home. I keep my fingers crossed that everything will go smooth and Problem free. (No delays, no bullshit with “immigration” about documents or other things they might come up with over there… you never know nowadays… ) so .. I’m just gonna take it one by one and be so chill and not expect anything to avoid disappointment and remember to breathe so I don’t lose my temper there because that is really the last thing I need right now..

Anyhows, before I start on that journey I am gonna stuff my face in all the candy, chips and dips and cinnamon buns I can have and I’ll sleep like a little baby 🤣

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