I tried the Cocoa Brown tanning mousse

Here are my thoughts on the Cocoa Brown tanning Mousse! As the market for self tanners are growing each day the jungle is only getting bigger and trust me we have all experienced a few that … well let’s say. Scarred us for life 😂 the good News is that many more companies are using better and better formulas now days and the main things we look for .. well at least me .. is that the smell is minimal, and the formula is easy – streak free- and easily absorbed.

I was a little skeptic to mousse self tanners for a while because it left my hands so yellow after the applications . This was of course before the tanning mitts were invented. And with the tanning mitts the applications are so smooth and not to mention streak free. I love them! And one can can last you for a very long time. You don’t have to over do it or stress that it won’t be enough.

I have actually come to like the mousse more than the sprays, as with the sprays sometimes it’s easy to go overboard and it can become runny (especially if it’s hot inside ) 😂 and having a tanned body is always nice but the tanning dripping stripes on the ankles and the dried up tan under the feet is not so attractive 😂

Anyhow, I tried this mousse for the first time, I found this mousse to be a little dry, but it gave a good color. And the tan develops already after 1 hour, and goes deeper the longer you keep it on. Maximum tan is reached after 3 hours. just keep in mind that it dries really quickly so make sure you get it all even on your arms and elbows before finishing one part of your body 😏

The tanning mitts are sold separately, but I would advice you get a tanning mitts to avoid those brown streaks on the hands 😁 and once you have a tanning mitt you can use it for other tanning mousses’ as well.

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