She finally arrived in Norway

She finally arrived in Norway and I am beyond grateful for all of this. I have fought for her for so long and finally I found someone that traveled from Dubai to Norway that were able to bring the dog home to family. The journey has been long!

Well, you can read why the journey has been long on that other post I wrote a while ago, about what happened to her in Dubai what made me realize that I needed to bring her to Norway.

Anyhows she arrived in Norway and she is so happy in the countryside, she is playing having long walks hiking in the mountains going sailing and she has brothers and sisters that place with her all day long it could literally not have been any better.

Also I am so grateful to Jessica at Jetset Pets for making it possible to fly her over, I would not have been able to do it without her and her company, so I can highly recommend them for any pet relocation services you need.

Finally Raven is safe and he’s going to have a stable home with lots of love and care and endless doses of cuddles and kisses, she deserves only the best she is an amazing dog and I wouldn’t have it any other way❤️

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