Back in Sweden! Can you guess what I did first?

It felt strange to leave Norway after all this time and I left feeling a bit empty. I’ll miss my family so much but I’ll be back in late November and I’ll stay for a while and celebrate xmas ❤️ (I love Xmas!) Mostly I think this empty feeling is because I have all these big decisions ahead of me that I need to make . And I can’t control what the future holds (I mean I can, to a certain level for myself ☺️but I can’t make people decide their decisions so that it is what benefits me so everything now is just a waiting game and whatever the outcome is I’m gonna go with that! So just bare with me 😄

Anyways I’m back in Sweden and it feels good to be back on Swedish grounds again.

First thing for myself was that I went and I had a manicure today (I know it sounds snobby but truth be told I haven’t had a mani-pedi in over 4 months!!) So imagine that, I thought I could treat myself to that at least ☺️ plus it’s one of the things that makes me feel good so I really think it’s so worth it. Small things, big difference. Pampering yourself is a form of self care! e

ven if you do it yourself or if you go to a spa. It’s important that you have your own “me time” every once in a while 😍

And I mean … the nail salon delivered really nice nails. I’ve never tried them before, they are called the mini spa… the prices was just right and they were so fast. It took them 1 hour in total to make a complete new set of gel nails plus design.. I mean.. wow! I remember a time where these things easily would take 3 hours … 😂 so today is a good day!

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