What do you get for your friend’s birthday?

once again it’s August and it’s the birthday month of not only myself, but a lot of my friends have their birthdays lined up this August. It’s so strange that most of the people in my inner circle, friends and family have their birthdays either in August or November those two months of the year are the months where there’s literally a birthday every other day, and that my friends, could be either very exhausting or very exciting depends how you see it🤓

Trying to figure out what to get for my best friends birthday since we’ve been separated all summer it’s been kind of strange being that far away but it’s good to have friends that you don’t need to see every day or talk to every day to know where you stand (with all this I mean that usually we sync with each other but this year everything has been different because I have been traveling, she has been traveling, and for this weekend I’m not even supposed to be in Stockholm, so everything is a little bit non-planned😂

But I am sure that whatever we choose to do it’s going to be a great day. Having birthdays nowadays are so much different from what it was when we were kids, and I feel like it’s just another day. I wasn’t ready to have my birthday when my birthday came, this year has gone so fast it was gone in a minute. And we were just talking about this the other day about how fast this year has gone, we didn’t even have time to enjoy our last birthday, Covid sort of just came along and messed everything up for everyone😂

We weren’t ready to turn another year more mature just yet! We want the last 2 years re-done! Haha. How do you guys feel?

So what would you go for? I’m thinking to go for either a vase, or a gift card at NK so she can just get her own things.

But then again those things are a bit lame? Personally I think it’s more fun to get something personally that someone picked out for you. And I’ve Been keeping my eye on this vase at HM home that is exactly her style and I know she appreciates those things.. but at the same time. We are not that old yet that we are comfortable with giving these things to friends yet? Or are we? Is it weird? Help!

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