I think I need a dentist

Useless information of the day from me to you;

Been having these tight gaps between my teeth in the back of my lower jaw… I double checked with my dentist in Dubai before I travelled to Sweden, he said it was nothing there… but the past week(s) I’ve been feeling a little discomfort there and I’ve realized that a little chip of my tooth (on the corner) has cracked… (hasn’t bothered me before) Anyhows … that created some space between the two teeth there.. and when I eat some food get stuck there and I have to dig it out with a tooth pick /floss … etc.. it bleeds all the time and my gums are really irritated… Anyhows.. I think it might be some caries building up there. So .. I’m booking a dentist appointment this weekend. Hurray! 😂 (sarcastic)

Good for me that I’m not scared of the dentist and good for me that I don’t have any dental trauma from childhood, I think I will be just fine.

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