Beautiful Stockholm in December

Stockholm is by far one of my favorite cities in the whole world and I love spending time there with my friends no matter what time of the year it is! But especially now in December, right before Xmas and all that, it’s like the city becomes magic!

It’s so cosy, all the lights are up, it’s crispy weather so make sure you dress up if you’re thinking of going there! Being freezing and cold over there is not nice! But as long as you got warm clothes you will be fine!

Places not to miss and eat!! is the Christmas market in Gamla Stan, (old town) traditional meat balls at restaurant Riche or Tures.

Hot coco at some of the older cafes, and cinnamon buns at any bakery, plus a really nice after work drink at Sturehof and some of the many many cosy shopping streets, ex: biblioteks gatan, vasastan, odenplan, Kungsträdgården. Oh , and if you’re there on a Weekend you can’t miss brunch at Berns Asian on Sundays! It’s wow🙏🏼

I also took the time to spend some time with my friends and we had two days with dinner and catch up, I have to share this because it was so yummy both times! Dejan and Christopher made dumplings and Tom kha soup. It was amazing ! I love hanging out with them, they have such a good energy and you feel so good when you leave. They make you feel at home and your vibe is recharged after a day with them❤️

And the other day our amazing Daniel made a really good Russian goulash meat soup and YES,.. that too was mind blowing! I’m so lucky that I have friends who can cook and make you feel like home. Truly truly! Stockholm is in my heart forever! The good and the bad, mostly the good tho, but I’ll take Stockholm with some bad as well any day!😁

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