27th marked the day

I miss you every day ❤️

I don’t think that the loss of our pets will ever be forgotten, each pet we ever owned will forever have a place in our hearts. When I think about this day a year ago it feels like it’s so far away.

But it’s only been a year. And when I think about this day two years ago, I had no idea that I only had one more year left with him.

I’m so grateful for him in so many ways. I don’t think I would have gotten through the darkest times in my life if I didn’t have Rosco by my side. dogs are so pure, (animals overall) but dogs are so special to me. we don’t deserve dogs. They are the most loyal and pure hearted beings I can think of.

Death is a natural cycle of our lives, we also know that before getting a dog, most likely we will outlive it, but you never really prepare for when the day comes. I remember that this day was the worst. I had to be strong for myself and also the people around me. I think it gets easier when you accept the reality of the situation. Rosco was very sick, it would have been inhumane to let him stay with us for another few months knowing he was suffering. It it was hard to not express my sorrow and at the same time be strong for the others. And I think today is the first time where I really was able to write this post. I still get teared up sometimes but I think it’s good to let it out from time to time ❤️

But we did everything we could. I hope that he forgives us for letting him go. Sometimes I think animals talk to us. It was almost like he came to me the day before and he said “it’s time” but it’s also like I’m thinking that this is what my brain wants me to think because then it gets better and easier to accept it. I guess we will never know. But he was loved and he was truly my little clown.

These dogs have such strong personalities and he was truly the joy in my day. I know that Rosco inspired a lot of people to get dogs too. And it’s nothing better than his legacy living in in our hearts forever ❤️

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