Back to DXB

6:30 am in the morning. -10c

I just arrived back in Dubai. It was a loooong day yesterday. I woke up at 4:30 am. I grabbed a quick breakfast. My mom and dad dropped me at the airport (they are the best 😊) and I was off. To get to Dubai from my home town you have to take 3 flights. (Sometimes 4) and I was worried I might not make it from Oslo – Dubai because it was a snowstorm in Trondheim and the flights were delayed. But luckily I had my flight to Dubai from Oslo several hours later so even with a domestic delay I still managed to check in on my last flight of the day.

These things happen 😜 you cannot even get upset over these things. Luckily airlines replace broken luggage🙏🏼

1 broken luggage and 18 hours later I was back home in Dubai 😁

Now, new adventures awaits in the new year. Things are changing and I am shifting in to the best version of myself that I can be. J

ust gonna get through the New Years celebrations first and then I’ll be ready to focus on the new stuff😍

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