10 hotels in 10 days

This was what my article’s headline would be! Decided to keep it just for this article and follow up as I go, otherwise it would have become the longest article I’ve ever written and I don’t think it’s efficient for my readers to get these long articles that just go on and on 😂 so imma break it down in smaller parts😉

It started with the end of last year and I was contacted by a venue to do a little article there and this sparked the idea of why not do 10 of them in a row, a mix of luxurious and affordable hotels and what they offer in one article. I found it interesting and I would go and stay there. Explore the hotels and have my own experience with them so I could sum it up to my pros and cons. I literally started emailing all the hotels I could think of, and you know, getting them all to reply within a deadline is not as easy as I thought. So instead most of my stays got scattered out on different dates and I’m not even complete with 10 hotels yet.

Im truuuuly enjoying this little feel – good adventure! I think if you can, you should definitely stay in hotels more often. And I’m gonna tell you where and how to get the best deals!!

Some people goes for massages when they need to unwind, I have found it very relaxing to get out of the house and just do a staycation with a friend or by myself. It’s just something there about the whole “treat your self- spending important quality time in a different environment, total self care and feel-good/ having sleepovers” that are fuel for the soul. I totally get it why people do staycations and I think this has become one of my new favorite things to do.

So go for it!

Keep an eye out for my hotel articles, I’ve got many to share and more that I haven’t even been on yet.

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